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Who we are

We are WHITE CITY LOGISTICS. Experienced trucking company operating in 48 U.S continental states.
We are an Illinois asset based over the road transportation company. We service all 48 states, and specialize in expedite full truckload and LTL freight. We are a service based company, we sell our transportation services to shippers, customers, brokers, etc. We also can provide dedicated service for your dedicated lanes if needed.



Our story started 2009 in Chicago. After test period company prioritize on transport and logistics 2011 we add dba name White City Logistics and start expedite division with Sprinters and Cargo vans.

At the same time we provide consulting service for new transportation companies and provide training for there employees.

Today we focus primary on 53ft Dry Van trailers and we trucking transportation service in all 48 states.

Our Management


Nash Zivkovic has been in the Freight and Logistics Industry over 10 years. Began his career in trucking industry when he moved to Chicago, he is experienced semi-truck dispatcher, fleet manager and entrepreneur. Prior to his Fleet Manager position he worked 5 Years as a Freight Broker.

Nash’s experience in Trucking and Logistics covers a broad spectrum of jobs and positions. Customer focused and team builder. Has been focused on truck dispatching and improving of dispatch efficiently while training numerous dispatchers with or without any experience. Loves training new employees and at personal time he is involved in community organizations and charity work where he organized many events.
In 2011 created dispatch and freight brokerage manual and started website how to Become a Freight Broker.

Personally owned cargo vans and sprinters and later moved to semi trucks with 53ft Dry Van trailers. Running company with trucking authority and his own equipment didn’t stop him to parallel work as fleet manager and trainer at bigger company where he successfully managed to grow fleet from 10 to 150 Semi Trucks in less then 4 years. Performance driven logistics manager that leads by example, not scared to make final and tough decisions. In 2014 personally Moved/cover loads of over $8.000.000,00 in Revenue. End of 2015 started White City Group Inc and in May 2016 moved headquarter of White City Logistics to new location.


  • Fast Reliable delivery

    Our customer satisfaction is based on flexible customer-specific service, excellent delivery accuracy.

  • We Care!

    We are not huge company with 1000's of trucks where each drivers is just a number and where customers are only percentage of there gross amount.
    We care about our drivers and we know each driver by name, we care about there personal problems and we try to help and make there life less stressfull. We care about our customers/brokers and we always try to have 100% on time pick up and delivery.

  • Safety & Compliance

    Safety is our #1 Priority!

Clients & awards